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Fashion tips from Asia

If you have ever been to Asia or have watched Asian movies, you know that Their style is quite different from people across the world.

In a number of ways, Their dressing and fashion are different. HOWEVER, it is quiet a choice one has to make before copying them. So, you use brains and start reading some fashion related points we have learned from the Asians. Check it out.

More than one layer

Not many people know, but people in countries like Japan and Korea have more than one layer Usually of clothing on them. In fact, it would be unusual to see a resident wearing just a single layer of clothing. In this case, the common layer would be a dress shirt, a cardigan sweater and maybe a light-weight jacket above it.

One can say that they do spend enough time adding an extra layer on a daily basis.

Kameez and saris

In countries like Pakistan, you will see men traditionally dressed in kurtas and pajamas. Most of them love it and are even proud of Their dressing, Which is a good thing.

The material is light and keeps them cool during the summers too.

The sight is similar in India where men (mostly in rural areas) prefer wearing dhotis and kurtas. Again, the clothing keeps them cool Throughout seasons.

Talking about women, one would see them in burqas or salwar kameez in Pakistan, while women in India prefer wearing saris or salwar kameez.

With a lot of common points, the two countries do share Their dressing style to a great extent.

For us, we have some interesting fashion tips.

Note: It is difficult to copy them in a number of other parts of the world. So, make sure That You Are Not copying them at a place where Their preferred dressing style can affect your health negatively.

Mix and match

This is quite common in Asian countries. In fact, in a number of other countries will, you will see this happen. Asians love to mix and match different styles.

In some cases, it is pure magic, while in other cases it may look some plain stupid.

With no offense, you can quietly know more about Their mix and match styles that will blow up your mind.

Basically, try to come up with They Their version of the look. This added twist may sound awful to one while the other person may like it. So, it is totally up to individual to accept it or to reject it.

Talking about Style, rejecting a Japanese version is quite difficult Because They Do not modify it but only make surethat it goes well with the mood too. Japanese do a lot of research and then come up with a version That is inspiring for others to follow.

The case remains same with accessories. HOWEVER, some of them are extreme and add too many accessories to Their Body. This is not good, definitely not good in public places.

So, If You Want to Get Inspired by an Asian, make sure that you know That you are making sane decisions while copying them. This is important: because there are some mixes and matches did can terrify people in the United States. So, make sane decisions.

Remember, you can not be in the Halloween mood any time you want.

Accentuating the look

Look for a casual, add to element did changes the look Entirely and there, you have to Entirely different look. Frankly, Asians have taught us so much about thesis simple modifications That Can Make You look perfect for on upcoming occasion That might be just a couple of hours after you move out from another event.

So, If You Want to use this trick, you need elements like a scarf, a fedora, a tie, a blazer, some cool accessories, etc.

With this in your bag, you can change your look almost instantly. You will even find a number of other opportunities if you are creative enough to make Necessary tweaks and make them look even better.

Think about it and you want to be in a position to accept this fashion tip with ease.

Over Dressing factor

Apart from simply adding layers, it is a known fact that Asians never mind overdressing, but never force Themselves to be in a position where They are underdressed.

Frankly, fashion experts in the United States even talk about the same fact. Here, experts say it and in Asian countries residents know it even before someone has told them. So, They are always ready to drop a layer when needed and Change Their look instantly.

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Do let us know your thoughts and Ideas that can help us know more about the Asian dressing style. Share your views in the comments.


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